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With all proceeds benefiting Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K.)

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R.O.C.K. Team Member Eric
San Francisco, CA

Welcome to the fundraising page for Eric.

And the battle continues…

It was 2012 when the dreaded Bay Beast and Eric last clashed. The war was brutal and Eric nearly met his demise. The winter-kissed Bay sunk its frozen clutches into his legs, forcing him into a mania of cramps and agony. He succeeded, but not without feeling the wrath of the Bay for weeks to follow.

Since then, Eric has spent much of his time at San Francisco's Aquatic Park

flailing limbs relentlessly and constantly testing his buoyancy. A few weeks ago while he was at the park, he received an urgent message from commissioner, Curt Yagi, informing him the Beast is back again, and with a vengeance.

"Eric, we need your help to raise awareness of Real Options for City Kids before it's too late!"

Determined to restore order back in the city, Eric began flailing his arms wildly towards shore with his mind made up; he must compete again this year in the 2015 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon!

The challenge is tough and he can't do this on his own, he needs your support. Help spark a fire under his rear and show you believe in him. Join his campaign by making a donation on his behalf and help him smash his fundraising goals for R.O.C.K.!

R.O.C.K. holds a special place in Eric's heart because of its aim to promote the positive development and long-term success of the youth that it serves through a combination of after-school programs, summer camps, and athletic programs. Please help in defeating the Bay Beast and support an organization devoted to positively impacting the lives of children within Visitacion Valley and the San Francisco area.

My Fundraising Goal

Goal: $2,000
Raised: $0


Donate now to support Eric

Pay by Credit Card

Pay by Check

Checks may be made out to Real Options for City Kids (include your Team Member name in the memo) and mailed to the following:

Real Options for City Kids
590 Leland Ave
San Francisco, CA 94134

R.O.C.K. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and 100% of your donation is tax deductible.


Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K.)
590 Leland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94134 - (415) 333-4001
Tax ID: 94-3212617